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The case, a tribute to the goddess Diana, has matching silvered front and back frames supported by cast ormolu satyrs who are often paired with Diana and represent chastity overcome by lust. The front frame is flanked by mirror ormolu castings of Diana with both bow and arrow. The center is a scene where a shepherd shows his dog the rabbit that he has caught, and above a cherub rides a stag.

The finely lettered porcelain dial with blued Lepine style hands is signed by the maker and has a thirty-day calendar. The whole is supported by a black marble base with decorative cast bun feet.

As a dating guide, the main framework was smooth enameled until about and there was no damper on the gravity arm. After this date a crackle finish was introduced and a damper was fitted. The serial number is on the advance retard plate at the left side of the movement.

There are lots of ways. Great at home, or even in the office for a little “music therapy” and stress reduction. Purchase this clock here: On the hour, the clock plays one of the followi The plans contain 14 pages of detailed engineering drawings, full sized templates It has 2 complete movements inside of 1 case. This project was made using the Explorer CNC Weekly Woodworking Wrap-up Review 60 Today we got clocks, cakes, knives, beds and I let you name this show!

This is a weekly show where I highlight other makers doing cool things online. Support the show by using Patreon: You can also make a one-time Buy me a Beer donation: Mantel Clocks Woodworking has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. These Mantel Clocks are one woodworking project I enjoy building them and giving them as gifts. In fact I always have extras hanging around the shop.

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BULLE clocks of France. There is a lot of data on the internet about this maker, but for those who don’t know, they made masses and masses of clocks between the .

Prehistory[ edit ] The earliest traces of human settlements come from the end of the Mesolithic period — BC in shelter in the Col des Roches. The shelter was discovered in by a customs official and was the first site of its kind studied in Switzerland. The heavily wooded portion of the Jura Mountains around Le Locle, were cleared by colonists who later received the status of free peasants.

These first free farmers received a charter in which codified their rights and freedoms. At the beginning of the 15th century, this charter was reconfirmed during the foundation of the Mairie or town government. The inhabitants of Le Locle were given the right to own land that they had cleared, as long as they continued to farm it and paid taxes on it. The feudal lords granted them these freedoms to encourage settlements in the mountains. These citizens had the privilege to lead the community and to choose their own mayor and bailiff.

Early modern era[ edit ] The tower of the Church of Mary Magdalene, the landmark of the city, arose early in the 16th century.

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Please take a look at the video of this clock by clicking on the following YouTube link: BULLE has always been the number 1 mark, making electric-magnetic clocks and are famous for their consistency up to the day of today. This piece is timeless Chosen was, to not put a door in this beauty to keep the clock as simple as can be.

We have many types of clocks for sale and our inventory is always changing. Unless otherwise stated all of our clocks come with a 1 year mechanical warranty. All clocks overhauled by us all so receive a 1 year mechanical warranty.

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Fighting for life Nigel Benn’s world title victory over Gerald McClellan brought all the contradictions of boxing together in one moment of clarity.

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Stein, Radiomania Books This book by Mark Stein, author and publisher of the well-known Radiomania radio reference books, covers both mechanical and electric clocks from the Modern period of 20th century American industrial design, between the s and the s. This book, the first of two volumes, focuses on the smaller examples; desk, shelf, and decorative clocks. The projected second volume, on wall, mantel, and miscellaneous clocks of the same period, was never published.

The book includes over black and white photographs and illustrations, referencing clocks and related weather stations, switches, and timers, plus a short section on condition and other factors affecting value, as well as a list of manufacturers and a brief bibliography. It does not discuss design principles nor give a history of the Modern design movement; these general topics have been covered by other authors.

Each clock is given a unique “plate number” for reference purposes, and is illustrated with either a photograph or rendering, many from original manufacturers’ literature. Information on each model includes the brand name, model year, model name, designer if known , movement type, cabinet material, variations, and dimensions. The plate numbers link to the value guide in the back of the book, which repeats the key information for convenient reference, and assigns a baseline value, which assumes excellent cosmetic and working condition.

As the author states in his preface, information on the internal workings of the clocks has been left to the horological community. The value of this book as a reference lies in its picturing and identification of so many models, making it the most comprehensive work of its kind. The book is available from amazon.

PHOTOSHOOT BULLE Clock FULLY RESTORED! Glass MARBLE Antique French Translucent Mantel/Shelf