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Click OK again to complete the task. Sharing files with a specific user If you only want to share files with only one specific user, you can follow the same steps, but on step 8, do the following: Select the Everyone group and click the Remove button. Click the Add button. Add or remove users and groups Type the name of the user you want to share the files. Click the Check Name button. If you want the user to be able to edit, delete, and create new files, make sure to also check the Change permission option.

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Many companies now use large-screen televisions in the boardroom instead of projectors, so this is also a handy tip for those who have to give presentations. Which type of connection does your Mac have? Your Mac will have one of the following connections that can be used with your TV:

Jun 15,  · Computers Add an Ethernet port to your MacBook Air for an easy $7. Without an Ethernet port, the MacBook Air is a wireless-only device. But, with a cheap, portable adapter, you can hook it .

It connects computers, printers and routers on your network. You can install a switch to create a local area network LAN or to expand the number of devices on your current network. Physical Setup 1 Consider locating your switch where physical access is controlled. Security should be a primary concern when setting up your Ethernet switch. Leave ample space around the switch for heat dispersion. Connect the devices you wish to network to the switch. After a few seconds, the indicator light for that port on the switch should change from off, or yellow, to flashing green.

The green light means that a device is connected, and the light will flash as data is sent or received. Configuring the Devices on Your LAN 1 Connect a router to your switch if you want your devices to be able to connect to the Internet, or to another network. Otherwise, connect the router to any open port on your Ethernet switch. Professional assistance may be required to configure a high-end router. Most home or small office broadband routers have a DHCP server, configured by default.

They need to share an address space to communicate with one another. Use a private address range, like the


Securing your network Rule of thumb: The speed of a single network connection is determined by the slowest speed of any party involved. For example, in order to have a wired Gigabit Ethernet connection between two computers, both computers, the router they are connected to and the cables used to link them together all need to support Gigabit Ethernet or a faster standard.

If you plug a Gigabit Ethernet device and an regular Ethernet device into a router, the connection between the two will be capped at the speed of Ethernet, which is Mbps. In short, LAN ports on a router allow Ethernet-ready devices to connect to one another and share data. On many routers, this port may also be labeled the internet port.

Jul 01,  · Connect one of the router’s LAN ports (most routers have four LAN ports) to the computer using the second network cable. Plug the router into the .

I am at a complete loss on what to do. I had multiple Mac computers including this one for a while. All working fine with router. Then I replaced my router because it was getting slow and dated, the new one I got worked fine at first, but then started to drop connection every other day and even sometimes every day. I replaced the replacement router, then my macbook air had ridiculously slow connection speed. It would take google minutes to load. But my iMac computer worked fine.

I didn’t change anything, nor do anything different to either computer except get this new router. The router even managed to corrupt my time machine. I have tried starting from scratch with the router, with the Time Machine, I have rebooted all devices. But the internet remains the same. It’s good on my iMac, my phone, my TV, but not the macbook air.

I am really frustrated with this.

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Turn on your computer, access point, and machine. Review and accept the installation agreements in the installation window. Select Wireless network connection on the Printer Connection Type screen. On the Are you setting up your printer for the first time?

Welcome to the system for onboarding wireless devices to Eduroam at UF. This portal is used to assist in the configuration of a Gatorlink users’ device to connect to the secure Eduroam campus wireless network .

Thankfully, there are a number startup options that are available on recent Macs to aid in both troubleshooting and system management. Keep holding as your Mac boots, which may take a few moments depending on its specific configuration. You can let go of the keys when you see a screen similar to the screenshot below. Startup Manager Most Mac users will probably only ever use the single drive that came with their system. Apple KB HT The Mac Startup Manager will update as needed, so if you add or remove bootable drives or devices on your Mac, the list will automatically display the current options.

As long as the Mac is compatible with operating system contained on the selected drive, your Mac will continue booting the designated operating system. The Mac Startup Manager works great if you have a number of boot options from which to choose, but your Mac also recognizes a few additional startup keys that direct it to boot immediately from a specific source. OS X offers a similar mode called Safe Boot. Just as with its Windows counterpart, OS X Safe Boot should be used to help troubleshoot issues that may be caused by corrupt or incompatible software, or to help isolate software issues from hardware failures.

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Fun Stuff Guide to Network and Sharing Center in Windows 7, 8, 10 The Network and Sharing Center in Windows 7, 8 and 10 is one of the more important and useful Control Panel apps that lets you see information about your network and lets you make changes that can affect how you access resources on the network. However, once you understand the settings, you can fix problems on your own, increase your privacy, and quickly setup file and printer sharing between multiple computers.

The quickest way to get to it is by clicking on Start and typing in network and. This will instantly bring up the app in the list. In all versions of Windows, the app is located in the Control Panel.

If your network is Ethernet-based, connect Apple TV to your network using an Ethernet cable. Step 2: Connect the power cord Connect one end of the power cord to the power port on the back of Apple TV and the other end to a power outlet.

Where do they all go? Hooking up a computer has gotten significantly easier and more straightforward over the years; you can be connected in just a few minutes! See Step 1 below to get started. Steps 1 Place all of your equipment where you want it. As you plug devices in, mind the cables to keep them from getting bunched and tangled.

Make sure that the computer tower is in a well-ventilated spot.

How to Connect Black Apple TV to Television:

OWC’s Thunderbolt 2 Dock puts all other docks to shame. Finally, a Thunderbolt Dock Done Right 12 Ports of phenomenal flexibility, all united to your Mac with just one lightning-fast Thunderbolt 2 cable. OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock is the new foundation for your perfect workspace. Awesome performance meets incredible connectivity, the OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock offers the ultimate in convenience and flexibility to streamline any workflow.

Buy an adaptor to hook up your TV and Mac. Now you know which ports your Mac and TV have, you need to buy an adaptor to connect them. We look at each type of adaptor below.

A home network allows you to share a single internet connection, as well as data and devices, between multiple devices. I’ll review the basics components of a home network and some steps to take as your network grows. You just bought your second computer. Perhaps you got a smart TV, light switch, video- streaming box, or Echo or Echo-like device. Whatever the device, you want to connect it to the internet. Already have a network, but not sure how to grow it? That ethernet is then connected to a router.

Routers control two important things. Each of your devices need an ethernet adapter. Your internet goes in one connection, and you connect your devices to ethernet ports. Laptops, portable devices, utility devices, and even a few desktops now use short-range 1 wireless networking technology known as Wi-Fi. The wireless router combines the functions of two devices:

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How do you connect the black Apple TV models to a television? None support component video or audio. Apple explains how to connect the black Apple TV models to a television in the applicable User’s Guide , specifically from pages You also will need to have an

Connect one end of the second coaxial cable to the other splitter output and connect the other end of that same cable to the modem you purchased. Locate the modem ID (MAC address) for your new modem, typically located on the bottom (it will usually appear after the letters MAC or EA, e.g. MAC abcd-5e).

There is no need for a cross over cable, as the RPi can handle it. I have a blog post that documents this with pictures here which may be easier to follow. Unzip the zip file and open the dhcpwiz application, which will configure the DHCP server. Connect the Ethernet cable from the RPi to your laptop, and turn on the Pi. Hit refresh on this screen until the IP address changes to Click on this Local Area Connection row and hit next.

This makes it much more easy to locate the RPi’s IP address. Anywhere from 1 second to 5 minutes from now you will see an alert on the system tray with your laptop and your RPi’s new IP address.

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Configuring the Network Connection Configure and implement VMware Fusion virtual networking components on your virtual machine to connect to other virtual machines in your networking environment. VMware Fusion supports only Ethernet-based networking, but provides several options for connecting to networks. VMware Fusion supports IPv6 in bridged networking. Note VMware Fusion Professional includes advanced networking features. With these advanced features, you can change key networking settings, add and remove virtual networks, and create custom virtual networking configurations.

One hang-up to check first is the existence of Internet. Just because there is a wireless network or an Ethernet cord nearby, doesn’t mean there is Internet. Check with the owner/system administrator to see if Internet access is available.

Email Advertisement The world is going wireless. The lack of clutter and the convenience of being able to connect to the Internet almost anywhere means Wi-Fi is the first choice for anyone who is looking to go online. Ethernet was much faster but because it requires cabling, you were extremely limited in where you could place your computer in relation to your router.

Wi-Fi, on the other hand, was somewhat slower but had the convenience of being able to be used within, say, feet of the router, and Wi-Fi hotspots could be found in a large number of places. That was the choice: As a result, they would often be seen as complementary, rather than opposing, technologies. Speed When Wi-Fi first moved into the mainstream, it was mostly based on the This offered maximum theoretical speeds of 54Mbps megabits per second , and far less in practice.

It was satisfactory for Internet access on mobile devices, but fell well short of the performance offered by Ethernet, which can produce speeds anywhere from Mbps to Mbps and beyond. The latest Wi-Fi standard is Should You Buy A Wireless Read More and it offers theoretical speeds of up to Mbps and practical speeds of around half that.

This outpaces most typical home broadband connections by some margin.

How to connect Internet on Smart TV using Ethernet Cable.

It’s in the bottom-left side of the Start window. It’s in the top row of options here. This option is on the left side of the window.

These USB ports are designed to connect USB storage devices to Western Digital network hard drives for access over the network. Western Digital network drives can only be accessed, and will only work, when connected through a network (Ethernet) connection.

This is helpful if a router’s default IP address has been changed. On a Windows computer do this: Run the command prompt you can find it in the Start menu, or in Windows 8 just type cmd when you’re at the Metro Start menu, then press Enter. At the Command Prompt window, type in ipconfig then press Enter. You will see a lot of things, but the IP address following the Default Gateway is the address of the router. On a Mac, it’s also quite easy to find out the default IP of the local network’s router.

A new router’s basic settings Though the design of the web interface is opened varies from one vendor to another, most of them have granular menus. Listed below are typical main menu items and what they do. This is where you can start a step-by step guided setup process. Many routers’ interfaces show the wizard when the web interface is accessed for the first time.

You just have to go through and set up a few of the routers’ settings, such as its log-in password to be changed from the default — you should definitely do this to keep your network secure and the name and password for the Wi-Fi network or networks, for dual-band routers. Some wizards also ask for your time zone, the current time and date, and so on.

With most routers you can skip the wizard and set up the router manually, if you want to, or you can finish the wizard and get back to the interface to further customize the network.

How to Set Up a LAN Network