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This time around, regular contributor Jonas Kramm proposed that we run a workshop at the Paredes de Coura PdC Fan Weekend in Portugal to see what builders could come up with – in the space of an hour! Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share the results with you here on the blog. Jonas and I ran the workshop three times, with 15 people in each session. So let me do the same for you now! As with all windscreens these days, it has a 3. Aside from the obvious stud and anti-stud connections, there are two 3.


Then — mind storm! Their minds also were blown hearing about missile launches, the unfettered engineering joy of blowing up stuff, and the next generation of tank munitions called AMPs, or Advanced Multi-Purpose tank rounds. Participants also soaked up the experiences of impressively confident women engineers, such as Ashley Lochetto. Lochetto, a direct-fire test engineer for the Army at Yuma Proving Ground and one of three speakers at the event, knows how it feels to be the only woman engineer walking into a room of male engineers.

Here we have a RARE, UNUSED Lego Racers Blue Bullet Racing Car Set # dating from The item is in SEALED and UNUSED condition. The box is in SEALED condition – see pictures.

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Walking out of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, I queried a fellow – dare I say it? Nonetheless, he was disappointed by the movie, as if it shoulda been made with him in mind. What would your twelve year-old self have said?

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Kids love technology so it’s no surprise that many of the top trending gifts this Christmas are tech toys. In fact half of the top 10 list released by John Lewis was made up of those types of toys. With our children spending more time online, the rise in popularity of tech toys has been somewhat predicatable. But with many of them combining learning with interaction and play, it’s perhaps less of a concern for parents who worry their kids are spending too much time with their heads buried in tablets.

Some of them even teach kids how to code. From life-like dog robots, to the much-anticipated Anki Cozmo, there are loads to choose from. Tech toy test So if you’re struggling to pick one for your child, we’ve been taking a look at what some of the top tech toys offer – and just how simple they are to use. Full retail prices are listed here but some of these can be found on offer as part of Black Friday toy deals still running this week.

Yes, you heard that right. How you respond shapes his behaviour so your CHiP develops its very own personality.

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Disclosure Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. It joins a long line of Lego robotics products, like the stellar Mindstorms Ev3 , that blend the build-it-yourself satisfaction of Lego bricks with the nerdy fascination of coding and robotics. Lego Boost, though, is immediately more approachable and cheaper than anything Lego has done in this space before.

I made this robot cat.

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History[ edit ] Early Space — [ edit ] At least three Lego sets were released prior to so-called “Classic” Space theme, pre-dating the standard Lego minifigure. The early Space sets were limited by color selection and more specialized pieces had not yet been developed with most Lego sets of this era were composed of colorful stacked bricks. Once Lego began making individual themes in the s, many new parts were created and older parts began appearing in new colors.

The first Lego Space sets began an era of more complicated and less colorful designs with a heavy emphasis on space exploration. Much of the early Space sets consisted of blue, grey, white, and transparent yellow and occasionally green. Designs began using more stacked plates instead of stacked bricks in order to make sleeker spaceship profiles. In its earliest stages, Space sets consisted only of ships and basic wheeled vehicles.

But as science-fiction designs grew, the basic pattern of ground-buggies, walking robots, small and large spaceships, and bases developed. With the limited parts selection at the time, sets were still fairly simplistic with designs including: The first minifigures released in this theme in wore either a red or white spacesuit with yellow spacemen debuting a year later.

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Share Advertisement Right now on Meetup. In Los Angeles, where I live, this group holds an annual three-day convention called Bricks LA, the next one coming up in early January. Sounds like some innocent fun, no? AFOL must be stopped. Put an end to it.

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We created categories to give people an idea of what they might be getting — mood and style of the book more than genre. In the Mood for Love Persuasion by A. Van Dine Known for my immense intellect I already know who did it, but the fun is whether anyone else can figure it out Adores fencing, golfing, fine art, and unmasking a suspect on my own terms The Skull Mantra by Eliot Pattison A Tibetan prison filled with Buddhist monks is the last place I expected to be Clinging to one last chance to prove myself Knows that the truth, and faith, can sometimes hurt you even as it saves you Have Pith Helmet, Will Travel The Allan Quartermain series by H.

Rider Haggard Big game hunting is the only occupation for a man such as myself Am a night owl by nature Hates the cold and damp, loves open spaces and hot weather The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis History fascinates me. Instead of reading about it, I visit the past to see it in action Am a capable nurse Tries to find hope even in the darkest times The Soldier’s Wife by Margaret Leroy Lonely and seeking comfort Sometimes the enemy is not the enemy Good at sneaking around.

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The commonly referred to Ministerial Week — when the high level meetings occur — will take place next week. That is part of it but not all of it. I was lucky enough to spend a year working as an adviser to the President of the General Assembly.

A horrified mum has warned other parents to be careful after her young son opened a packet of Lego cards – and found a KNIFE inside. Furious Kirsty Thorne, 27, said her son Harrison, seven, is.

Classroom Ideas Kids Hate Reading? What enrages me about this phrase is that it is a lie. They read hundreds of texts and newsfeeds every day. They just hate boring reading. But ultimately, what frustrates me most is that we teachers create this perception by killing the joy of reading. How do we kill it?

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Lego bricks Two Lego Duplo bricks with a standard brick for comparison The Lego Group began in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen — , a carpenter from Billund, Denmark, who began making wooden toys in In , Lego expanded to begin producing plastic toys. These bricks were based in part on the Kiddicraft Self-Locking Bricks, which were patented in the United Kingdom in [10] and released in

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Ewan Cooper, 10, who built it Image: A man pushes a barrow back inside where the tills are manned, customers are picking vegetables and the fish counter is bursting with exotic fish. There are even some recognisable faces wearing the shop’s black uniform. A Beeston lad-and-dad team have created a highly detailed replica of the shop, which has been serving customers in Beeston for more than years.

Lanes Primary School pupil Ewan Cooper, 10, and his dad John, 42, have spent the last 18 months building the plastic homage to their favourite Beeston shop. Miles, left, and brother Andy Hallam, who run the shop Image: Ewan is in the 2nd Beeston Sea Scouts and has a younger brother Ross, 7, who loves to add the figures to the shop. Ross is a pupil at Roundhill School and also loves Lego. Ewan Cooper, 10, built the lego version of Hallams Image: The replica Hallams contains several thousand individual bricks, and there are several mini-mes of the staff, including brothers Miles and Andy Hallam, who run the business.

Read More Residents are ‘fearful’ over vandalism attacks after plans for tram fence were refused There are also mini-mes of all the regular contributors to The Beestonian magazine, which John has written for since