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Young Evangeline Lilly began her acting career in TV shows and commercials. She made her big screen debut in film Stealing Sinatra in uncredited role as Model in commercial. Her breakthrough performance came as Kate Austen in the American drama television series Lost —10 , for which she won an Screen Actors Guild Award. Best films She played Tauriel in movies The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: Has English and Irish ancestry. She is fluent in French. Her hobbies are snowboarding, ice skating, rock climbing and kayaking. She was married to Canadian hockey player Murray Hone

Evangeline Lilly

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Evangeline Lilly Walking around Kelowna, British Columbia, Nicole Evangeline Lilly was discovered by the Ford Modeling Agency. At first, she was not keen on modeling, but after waiting tables and working as a flight attendant, she contacted them back in the hope to gain some cash for her college tuition.

She plays Orlando Bloom’s potential love interest in The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. And Evangeline Lilly and the actor certainly seemed to have developed a good rapport. The year-old star was seen posing with her arm around Orlando, 36, at the Cinema Society’s New York premiere of the film on Wednesday night. The Desolation Of Smaug on Wednesday The Lost actress wore an unusual sleeveless frock that featured a blue cowl neck, a black band at the waist and a white skirt.

Evangeline wore her brown hair in a simple up-do and kept her make-up simple, opting for black eyeliner and a glossy pink lip. The mother-of-one posed with her dashing leading man, who kept it casual in an all-black ensemble, including a comfortable jacket to ward off the cold at the event co-hosted by Moncler.


Early life[ edit ] Lilly was born in Fort Saskatchewan in Alberta. She was raised in British Columbia by her mother and her father, a produce manager. She has both an older sister and a younger sister. Mouat Secondary School in Abbotsford, British Columbia , where she played soccer and was vice-president of the student council. She eventually called and the agency landed her several roles in commercials and non-speaking parts in the TV shows Smallville and Kingdom Hospital. As the secrecy campaign prevented the auditioning actors from accessing the full script, forcing them to read short scenes and only know the basic premise of people surviving a plane crash on a tropical island — which reminded Lilly of The Blue Lagoon — she thought Lost would “at best be a mediocre TV show”.

Background Evangeline Lilly was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, and raised in small-town British Columbia in a Baptist family. Interests.

Advice and Tips for Actors Helpful thoughts on acting from someone who wasn’t the least successful actor of all time. May 6, Filed under: That is if you count people who visit my website. Those four posts draw a huge amount of traffic to my website, which is awesome. So what do you do if you were an actor on Battlestar Galactica? What if you were on an episode of Lost? So how do you do it?

Evangeline Lilly (born August 3, ), Canadian model, Actress

A few years before joining the LOST cast, Michael, 55, like Evangeline, made commercials, including an educational one for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in which he played a psychiatrist treating troubled inmates. Bit like the Dharma islanders then He appeared alongside Ted Danson in Becker, a show about a misanthropic doctor. A far cry from Dr Shepherd He escaped along with the Oceanic Six, was reunited with Penny but has been brought back to the island under unknown circumstances.

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July 6, Ant-Man and the Wasp has left me feeling a lot more peaceful than other recent Marvel movies. I would it put about on the same quality level as Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok , but those blockbusters left me with nagging bits of emptiness, whereas Paul Rudd and company just give off good vibes. That is partly a function of my own expectations, but it is also a matter of how this franchise and its sub-franchises are promoted.

The excursions to Wakanda and the garbage planet promised that they would be unprecedented game-changers. Whether or not they lived up to that hype, it is hard to match the buoyancy of their ad campaigns, and it takes effort for audiences to avoid every commercial. But with the original Ant-Man and now with The Wasp, you can just come in, be chill, and not have to worry about it being the best movie ever. Director Peyton Reed and his team of five credited screenwriters including Rudd maintain those good vibes by allowing for some conflict, but avoiding true evil, and establishing that those who are at odds are ultimately really on the same team as each other.

Her husband Hank Michael Douglas and daughter Janet, aka the Wasp Evangeline Lilly , have the science skills to track her down, but they need the help of Ant-Man Scott Lang, as his previous venture into and escape from the Quantum Realm has allowed Janet to establish him as a point of contact. Standing in their way is a black market dealer Walton Goggins , who sniffs out a big potential profit, but he does not have the killer instinct to tear them down.

A-M and the W has genuine, successful humor to match its laid-back style. The comedy in Marvel movies often has the cadence of a joke without actually being funny, but here there is a cast that is trained to find the laughter.

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In season one, he kills the pilot of Oceanic He cannot leave the island as long as Jacob or one of his successors is still on the island and we are told that if he does leave the island, everyone on earth will die. He first appears as a cloud of black smoke, but can apparently take on the appearance of anyone who is dead.

May 29,  · Watch video · Latest MCU villain is featured in spot for the Paul Rudd- and Evangeline Lilly-powered sequel.

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However, after a knee injury, she had to rethink. The year-old from South Africa decided to move to Hollywood but, like most, she struggled. Living in a sketchy hotel room and running out of cash, she went to the bank. He was impressed by her dramatic scene and offered to represent her. The rest is history.

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Although she initially decided to pass on a modeling career, she went ahead and signed with Ford anyway, to help pay for her University of British Columbia tuition and expenses. She has lived under a grass hut in the jungles of the Philippines with a missionary group, and has been a volunteer for children’s projects since the age of Fluent in French and loves ice skating, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding and rock climbing.

Refused to do a partial nude scene in an early episode of “Lost” Prior to her starring role on “Lost” , she worked as an extra on film sets to help pay her University tuition. Has two sisters – younger sister is named Andrea. Before starring on “Lost” , she worked a variety of other jobs.

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Comments As budding actresses go, they don’t get much greener than Evangeline Lilly. Abrams to join the 48 other survivors of the doomed Oceanic Air flight Lilly — who was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alta. So when her agent suggested she do an audition tape for this new quirky show, she assumed “I didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell.

Commercial; Real Estate News brighter superhero movie powered by the effortless charisma of Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly. In the aftermath of “Captain America: Civil War,” Scott Lang (Rudd.

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I’ll save it, along with “Faster Pussycat. Am I the only “Lost” fan who likes Charlie? Episode 3 Dueling Analyses Erica, Charlie hasn’t done himself any favors on the show likely to win over the hearts of his fellow castaways or we couch potatoes along for the ride.

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